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The Vic Feazell show is a primary source podcast featuring practicing attorney and former McLennan County (Waco,TX) District Attorney Vic Feazell and co-host Jonathon Zemek.  The podcast is formatted into 30Min episodes and grouped into series based on topics.  The topics cover historical figures, and events which Vic Feazell has been a part of.  The first series will focus on serial killer Henry Lee Lucas. We encourage our listeners to visit our Archive Page and follow along with the documents and information we put up about each topic we cover.

Leave us a comment about future episodes you would like to hear or a question about a current episode.

Upcoming Podcast Episodes

Henry Lee Lucas - Kate Rich Case Study - 11/12/19

Surprise Announcement Episode - 11/18/19

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US vs. Feazell Series

Lake Waco Triple Murder Series

The Ed Graf Case Series


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