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The Lucas Database is a word searchable archive of information based off the "Lucas Report" which was created by Texas Attorney General Jim Mattox in April 1986.  The report offered the first large scale look at the approximate locations and dates where Lucas and Ottis Toole were from March 1951 thru June 3, 1983.  The resources used to create the report were work records, sales receipts, first hand interviews with witnesses, family members, and other police agencies investigative reports.  Together this information created a compelling timeline that easily discounted dozens of Lucas confessions.

In Jim Mattox's opening letter of the Lucas report he stated "Questions about Henry Lee Lucas will be debated for decades.  This report is not offered as a final answer.  There may never be a final answer.  I hope that through our efforts, the real murderers of innocent victims will be brought closer to justice by a careful reexamination of Lucas contrived confessions".

Our database is in it's early stages and will be an ever evolving resource as more information is gathered on cases. The database is updated on an almost daily basis to include cases that have been re-opened and resolved. 

The Lucas Database

Quick Tip: Location searches may not yield results on city alone.  In some cases the county name must be used to yield results.

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