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Welcome to the Archives!  Here you will find the documents we reference in our podcast as well as videos and supplemental information on each topic we cover.  The archives are chronological by episode number and topic.

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Episode 41: Interview with Bernadette Feazell

Drug Apparatus Found.JPG

Donnie Tidmore On The Stand

Missing Needle.JPG

Plaque with Missing Needle

Episodes 37-38: Doug Swanson "Cult of Glory"

Cult of Glory.jpeg

Episode 36: The War In Waco

Ned Butler & Reed Lockhoof.JPG

Ned Butler & Reed Lockhoof

AG Jim Mattox, VF and Reed Lockoof at VF

Attorney General Jim Mattox, Vic and Reed Lockhoof

Lucas In Cell w. Paintings.JPG

Henry Lee Lucas in his cell with his paintings

In Loving Memory of Gregery Feazell


Greg's Acting Work


Berni & Greg


Vic & Greg


Greg and Harry Reasoner

of 60 Minutes

Minicast Episode Covering New Lucas Breaks (Podcast Episode 30)

Episode 30 covers some unanswered questions from a couple of previous episodes regarding Henry Lee Lucas.  This episode also covers the solving of the 1980 murder of Kathleen O'Brien Doyle.  Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole were pinned with the murder after a Norfolk, VA sergeant interviewed Lucas in June 1984.  Norfolk PD also stated they had a forensic match from Lucas and Toole's hair and blood found at the scene.  The case was re-opened after 40 years and after new DNA testing was completed the real killer was found. We also cover the re-opening of the 1978 murder case of Marla Scharp.  Again Henry Lee Lucas confessed to this crime, but after outcry from the Utah Cold Case Coalition the case is being reopened.

The Evidence

Bob and Joyce Lemons.jpg

Vic with Bob & Joyce Lemons

Netflix Announcement Episode (Podcast Episode 27)

In episode 27 we are finally able to talk about the upcoming Netflix Docuseries on Henry Lee Lucas titled "The Confession Killer".  Give this episode a listen to hear what it was like behind the scenes working with the Emmy award winning director Robert Kenner (Food Inc., Command & Control etc.) and Australian documentary director and producer Taki Oldham.

Vic with Robert Kenner & Crew

Henry Lee Lucas Case Study: Kate Rich (Podcast Episodes 25-29)

On September 16, 1985 Kate Rich went missing from her home in Ringold, Texas and was never seen again.  Just a few months prior, Henry Lee Lucas was a guest on her property doing odd jobs until Rich's family caught wind and threw him from the property.  It wasn't long after Rich's disappearance that Montague Co. Sheriff W.F. Conway and Texas Ranger Phil Ryan made Lucas their only suspect and used whatever tactics it took to get a confession from him. The Kate Rich case is the beginning of the Lucas saga and a case of many twists and turns.  Listen to our 4 part series and decide for yourself if Lucas is guilty of the crime or a victim of a coerced confession.

The Evidence

Kate Rich.jpg
website (5).jpg

Catch Up, Lucas Psych Evaluation & Samuel Little (Podcast Episode 19)

In episode 19 we catch our listeners up on some recent developments on Lucas as well as address some of our past episodes.  We also dive into a neuropsychiatric evaluation that was performed on Henry Lee Lucas in 1985 after Lucas was taken away from the Rangers.  To wrap up the episode we discuss serial killer Samuel Little and the validity of his confessions.

The Evidence

Henry Lee Lucas Case Study: Rita Salazar & Frank Key (Podcast Episodes 14-17)

In this 4 part series we investigate the 1978 Texas murders of Rita Salazar and Frank Key.  Henry Lee Lucas and accomplice Ottis Toole were named the primary suspects of the slayings after confessing to the crimes and giving details only the killers would know.  In our series we break down the confessions, the evidence, and play never before heard audio of Henry Lee Lucas talking about the murders.

The Evidence


Ottis Toole

Hugh Aynesworth (Podcast Episodes 11-13)

Hugh Grant Aynesworth is an American journalistinvestigative reporterauthor, and teacher. Aynesworth witnessed the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza, the capture and arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald at the Texas Theater, and the shooting of Oswald by Jack Ruby in the basement of the Dallas Police Headquarters. In a 1976 Texas Monthly article, William Broyles, Jr. described Aynesworth as "one of the most respected authorities on the assassination of John F. Kennedy". In addition to the Kennedy assassination, Hugh co-wrote "The Only Living Witness" which is considered the essential narrative on Serial Killer Ted Bundy.  After his time with Bundy, Hugh began work on the Henry Lee Lucas case which resulted in the uncovering of what he terms the "Greatest hoax in law enforcement history".  Our three part series with Hugh covers all three of these defining moments in his career.

The Evidence

Henry Lee Lucas Case Study: Cheryl Scherer (Podcast Episode 10)

Cheryl Ann Scherer disappeared from her workplace on the morning of April 17, 1979 and was never seen again. With few leads to go off of Henry Lee Lucas ultimately became the suspect of choice.   Scott County (Missouri) Sheriff Bill Ferrell traveled to Texas in 1983 to question Lucas about the disappearance after hearing about all of his confessed slayings.  Lucas stated he didn't recognize Cheryl as someone he had ever met, and dismissed the notion that he could be tied to the crime.  Lucas's name was however tagged to the file and remains the primary suspect to this day.  This case has been brought back into the spotlight as of September 16th, 2019 when the FBI, state and local Scott County law enforcement dug for Cheryl's body on a property in Benton, Missouri.  The results of the search were unsuccessful.  Listen to our new episode and let us know if you think Henry did the crime, or if one piece of paper can knock out Scott County's #1 suspect.

The Evidence

cheryl scherer.jpg

Vic Feazell & Henry Lee Lucas (Podcast Episodes 6-9)

The year was 1983, and Vic Feazell had just become the District Attorney of McLennan County (Waco) Texas.  He had heard the name Henry Lee Lucas mentioned in news stories, but little did he know their paths were about to cross. When Vic is contacted by the Texas Rangers and told Lucas had confessed to three murders in his county Vic became skeptical, especially since he already had suspects on two of the cases.  Thru the combined efforts of McLennan Co. Sheriff's Dept. Officer Truman Simons, Journalist Hugh Aynesworth, and Attorney General Jim Mattox, Vic was able to pull back the curtain and expose the nationwide murder clearing house hoax that was Henry Lee Lucas and the Texas Rangers.  The exposure of such corruption however had a price...

The Evidence

Series Trailer

Orange Socks Case Study (Podcast Episodes 2-5)

Original Story On Orange Socks Case

Orange Socks or Deborah Jackson was a 1979 murder case that occurred in Williamson County, Texas.  The case was cold due to the lack of evidence for 4 years until self confessed mass murder Henry Lee Lucas came along.  On June 22, 1983 Henry gave a coerced confession of the murder to Wilco Sheriff Jim Boutwell and kicked off a series of events that would lead to one of the greatest law enforcement hoaxes in history.  We decided to undertake this case in a 4 part series due to it's significance in the overall story of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas and due to the fact it was the only case Lucas received the death penalty on.  To this day the crime is considered closed and Lucas listed as the killer.  Listen to our podcast and follow along with the documents below and make your own decision if it was Henry Lee Lucas who did the crime or perhaps someone else....

The Evidence

Article On Finding The Identity of Orange Socks

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